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GrowConnect focuses on helping entrepreneurs access funding through time-tested, battle-harden fund raising techniques. By working with the GrowConnect team, you will find a clear path to funding. The tools and coaching provided will help to address any weaknesses or limitations which will need to be addressed in order to succeed. GrowConnect understands what it takes to realize your dreams and will work with you to accomplish your goals.

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Create an investor qualified profile to raise capital for your business. Receive the funds you need to grow your business.

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Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

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GrowConnect I Fundapreneur™ Conference

Jan, 12th 2012.

GrowConnect’s annual Fundapreneur™ Conference will be held at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV Jan, 12th 2012.. Register today!

  • Hear leading Angel Investors speak on the correct ways to go about raising seed capital for your business.
  • Business Plan and Pitch Coaching Workshop.
  • Hear industry specialists speak on various topics geared to grow your business.

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